In an age of disposable fashion made overseas, IRONHEAD is an enigma - choosing to manufacture DOMESTICALLY on a near exclusive basis over its 25 years in business.

IRONHEAD is the special-aged, boutique whiskey of the apparel world: made up locally in small batches for a select/lucky few.  The company has never advertised and survived solely on word-of-mouth referrals, which is to say it has survived on nothing more than smooth design taste and superior craftsmanship.

While IRONHEAD continues to outfit the world’s preeminent hockey organizations (NHL, IIHF, Team Canada, Hockey USA, etc.) in its signature dress coats, it also quietly serves a cult following that has included A-list actors such as Russell Crowe, rockers such as AC/DC, R.E.M., Carlos Santana and even boxing aficionados who once watched an Ironhead-clad Evander Holyfield defeat Mike Tyson or witnessed Arturo Gatti fighting for Championship Belts wearing Ironhead's trademark chief. With graphics spanning the realm of hockey, boxing and garage culture, the brand, like its ever-loyal clientele, defies classification.